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Attractive and durable, Alside aluminum soffit is offered in an array of styles and sizes to provide beauty while protecting hard-to-reach areas with a durable finish. It allows air circulation through eaves and rafters that helps prevent rotting and decay caused by moisture buildup.

Designed with your easy-care lifestyle in mind, Alside aluminum soffit is virtually maintenance-free. An occasional rinse with a garden hose will remove most dust and dirt. Alside aluminum soffit is available in a variety of colors to complement the color of your Alside siding.

Features and Benefits

  • .016″ gauge soffit delivers 14.3% higher ultimate tensile strength than a competitive .019 gauge soffit
  • Specially formulated alloy with a durable finished coat
  • Deeper 1/2″ V-groove increases structural performance
  • Satin finish provides resistance to surface marring
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty*
    *See printed warranty for complete details


Profile   12″ T-4 / 16″ Q-4 Aluminum HT Soffit

Siding Thickness               0.016 (nominal gauge)

Color(s)                       Over 200 Colors Available



Material and Hardness Rating     Aluminum Alloy 3105 H28

Nominal Gauge 0.016

Ultimate Tensile Strength            32,000 pounds per square inch

Yield Tensile Strength    27,000 pounds per square inch

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